Please give generously.

The unprecedented challenges of Summer 2020 have upended all of our normal expectations. When news of the magnitude of this pandemic began circulating, the Island Health Project (IHP), Island doctor Christopher Ingram, M.D., and the Island Community Board, began immediate talks on how best to safeguard the Island community. Their recommendations have been posted and updated regularly on

The office staff has worked countless hours implementing new protocols and helping residents navigate them. This has created significant operating expenses at a time when IHP has lost revenue as a result of canceling the July Trunk Show and the HOG.

For those who have not yet given, or not given recently, it is more important than ever to contribute to IHP. With your help, we will continue to maintain the best health care possible on Fishers Island.


Directed Donations

We appreciate your interest in supporting the Island Health Project. If you wish to direct your gift towards a specific area or program, you will be provided with an (optional) drop-down list after you click the "Donate" button:

  • • IHP Annual Appeal
  • • HOG 50th Anniversary
  • • In Memoriam Donation

If you would like to provide a special recognition to IHP or if your online gift is in memory of a loved one, please use the space for "special instructions to IHP" to provide their name and other information to us.

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