Island Health Projblood pressureect Office

All visits to the Doctor's Office are by appointment only

Patients requiring urgent care will be seen the same day they call.

To make an appointment: 631-788-7244 Office

To reach the doctor outside of office hours 1-942-9647 (From Fishers Island land line)

631-942-9647 (From cell phone)

In case of emergency, call 911

Fax to: 631-788-7968


As a result of the partnership with Yale New Haven | NEMG, IHP is implementing a new electronic medical record system which allows our patients access to MyChart to review your health history, office visit notes, lab results, and more. The link to access
MyChart will be sent to our patients after May 15.

Certain patient information will need to be updated. Fishers Island’s Doctor’s Office requires all patients (established and new) to complete additional personal history, insurance, and authorization forms. This should all be done prior to an IHP Office
or affiliated medical group visit.

• Patient Registration form
• Medical History form
• Privacy/Emergency Contact/ HIPAA Disclosure form

Please remember to arrive and check-in 15 minutes prior to your
appointment time and have the following items available:
✓ Insurance Card(s)
✓ Driver’s license or other Photo ID
✓ Any medications or supplements you are taking
✓ Co-payment information if applicable (cash, check, or credit card)

All claims and statements for dates of service on or after May 15,
2017 will be processed under Northeast Medical Group.
✓ Please make checks payable to Northeast Medical Group

Yale New Haven Health Northeast Medical Group

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